Salsa & GUSTA, PET invites itself in your kitchen

Acti Pack has shown during last All4Pack exhibition its new range of pet bottles SALSA completed recently with the model GUSTA.

More and more active on the food market for packing of dried products, Acti Pack is enlarging its range of standard products with new PET bottles SALSA and GUSTA to meet requirements for liquid food.

Available from 250 ml to 500 ml the new line is dedicated to liquid applications such as oil, vinegar, syrup...

The cylindrical shape is easy to label and its neck snap on 29.21, standard neck for food bottles, offers many solutions of closing including tamper-evident solutions.

Montage Gusta SalsaNew SALSA & GUSTA



a new range of bottles is born in acti pack, Prelude.

The offer of PET bottles, with screw neck 24/410, is widening with the brand new range PRELUDE.

With slim shape and large labelling surface, PRELUDE range is available in 100 ml, 150 ml and 200 ml, and is dedicated to cosmetics applications such as lotion, make-up remover, micellar water ...

The numerous solutions of standard closures offered by Loire Plastic Industrie, mono or bi-colored, are completing the new line of products.

214.320 Gamme PreludeNew PRELUDE


Koh-I-Nor, the diamond of your cosmetics applications

Acti pack is launching a new design of pet bottles, koh-i-nor.

The new line KOH-I-NOR is different because of its elegant and sleek shape. Available in 150 ml and 200 ml the 2 models are answering your cosmetics applications and attract the attention of your customers.

Completed with bi-colored cap SYAN from Loire Plastic Industrie, bottles could be used upside down at the end of product life. This new KOH-I-NOR line can be customized by coloring PET bottle or simply in using bi-colored cap to keep crystal-clear packaging.

217.320 Gamme KohINorNew KOH-I-NOR